About Me

Let me introduce myself…..

My name is Michelle Gaddis, born in Missouri, raised in Florida, living in Tennessee. 
I am a stay at home mom to my beautiful son Malachi who is year and half currently.Hes growing so much everyday. hes our only child as of right now. god has blessed us with him after 11 years of trying. he is my miracle baby.
I have a wonderful supportive husband, who will bust his tail off for his family and we couldn’t be more supportive and appreciative of him. We met when I was 17 on Myspace of all places lol. We then got engaged in 2007, then married in 2009.
I love to do crafting. That is one of my main passions in life, especially when it comes to etching on glass.  Theres just something about grinding in glass that gets my frustration out of me. Its pure relaxing im in my own little bubble. I also love couponing, i get my shopping addiction and spend hardly any money all at once. My husband approves of that one. im the kinda woman that some what like the more expensive items lol. 

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